Wednesday, May 30, 2012

No Discipline for the Coyotes

So I just read on that the Coyotes players who bitched, moaned, threatened officials, and frankly embarrassed the NHL will not face any supplemental discipline for their post-game actions and remarks when the Kings eliminated them in Game 5 last week.

I'm not gonna rehash what happened as I'm sure everyone familiar with the Kings knows about Smith's hatchet stick-swinging, Doan's misunderstanding of how non-penalties don't get called penalties and vice versa, and Yandle's fashion critiques and sadness about not being owned (except by the NHL).

Apparently, the Coyotes are sorry for their behavior. Well, that's good, they should be. The way they behaved was childish, but it was also in the heat of the moment when their season had just been ended in pretty dramatic fashion (not super dramatic fashion; I mean, they only forced Game 5, after all). That having been said, to my knowledge, no other losing team in NHL (professional sports?) history has ever been so juvenile in defeat and usually professional athletes are much better about keeping their mouths shut around the media and speaking in cliché.

So great, the Coyotes are sorry and won't be punished. But where is the public apology from these guys for questioning the integrity of the sport and being huge babies? I would like to hear them come out and tell the hockey-viewing public that they were wrong to act and speak that way. Tell us that the referees and Kings did not cheat. Otherwise, I am of the opinion that you just said that stuff to Colin Campbell to stay out of trouble.


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