Monday, June 4, 2012

6 Power Plays to None??

I always thought that good teams are suppose to get the calls. Isn't that what they always say?

So why the heck are the Kings not getting any here?

It's hard to be upset about anything with the Kings ahead 2-0 through 40 minutes of Game 3 at the Staples Center, but seriously, these refs are driving me nuts. There were a few non-calls in Game 2 that pissed me off too, but tonight, there was the blatant too-many-men penalty they didn't call in the 2nd when the puck slid by the Devils bench and they played it during a change. There was the non-call when Henrique tripped up Jonathan Quick in the Kings crease, skating in behind him and knocking his skates out from under him.

And then there are the calls against the Kings. Kopitar for holding? Since when is falling on top of someone holding? It *might* have been interference. Maybe. The slash on Gagne was pretty ticky-tack, as Jimmy Fox would say, on this stage. And another phantom goalie interference penalty, this time on Penner on a play where he skated by Brodeur and didn't even touch him. Marty Brodeur is a big guy. But I guess a strong wind will take him down.

I am not suggesting that the Kings have played totally like angels, but the fact that there have been no penalties called against Jersey resulting in a Kings power play is preposterous. The Devils have committed infractions, the refs are just swallowing their whistles when it happens.

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