Monday, June 4, 2012

Holy Crap, Gagne's Back

Simon Gagne is playing in Game 3 of the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals.

I can't say that I'm surprised based on the way the Kings played in Game 2. I don't think there is any other line-up change Sutter could have made to spark the team because while the 3rd and 4th lines were so solid in the first three rounds they really haven't been great for the most part in the Final, and Richardson has probably been the weakest link; Fraser and Nolan hooked up on the first goal of the series and had a couple decent chances in Game 2. Richardson has been pretty much invisible.

Gagne brings a lot to the line-up too so I like the switch. Gagne may not be quite in game shape because it has been almost 6 months since he last played, but he is only going to get 6-7 minutes probably on the 4th line and maybe some power play time which isn't quite as rigorous as even-strength, so I think from a conditioning standpoint he will be fine. He is a savvy veteran who has played in the Stanley Cup Finals before so this experience isn't new to him. And he is a guy with great hands who has a chance to either get the power play going or chip in and even strength. Plus, we've all seen it when a guy comes back fro ma long break he will frequently have a little extra jump his first couple of games back so maybe the Kings can utilize that from Gagne to capitalize on some chances or just catch the Devils napping.

Well, we'll find out in about four hours how this will play out. Here's to hoping the Kings can continue this remarkable spring for another couple of wins.

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