Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kings on late night with the Cup

Leno, I get. The NHL is on NBC so it's just stupid cross-promotion, aided by the fact that Leno's show is taped in LA.

Kimmel, though? His show is on ABC and he's an idiot who knows nothing about hockey. The "jokes" weren't funny and I thought the one about Scuderi was pretty insulting.

But seriously, why the hell didn't the Kings take the Cup on Craig Ferguson's show? The Scottish comedian on CBS after Dave is by far the funniest late night host and he not only actually likes hockey, HE IS A KINGS FAN. He's been to a few games. At the start of the Final he was talking about how dumb it was that ESPN was showing the National Spelling Bee instead of the Stanley Cup Finals and then he said that while he is a national TV host he has to be impartial, blah blah blah, Go Kings. And last night, almost his entire monologue was about the Kings winning the Cup.

Seriously, guys, take the damn Cup on there with Ferguson and his gay robot skeleton pal Geoff Peterson.

Craig at a Kings- Sharks game: (you might wanna mute your computer or risk hearing Drew Remenda's voice *shudders*)
Craig cheers for the Kings at the start of the Finals: (at 5:20)
Craig does a Kings monologue: Craig Ferguson is even on their list of celebrities who attend games and apparently had Kevin Dallman on his show when he was still on the team (I don't remember him being on the team either, don't worry)

So what I'm saying is, get somebody on there with the Cup this summer. Please.

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