Sunday, June 24, 2012

Not who I would have expected

So I watched the First Round of the Draft and wondered to myself "Which teams' representatives are going to congratulate the Kings for winning the Stanley Cup?" The list shocked me. For one thing, I thought it would be longer. For another, it was mainly the teams I think of as the Kings' rivals or at least major antagonists from a bygone era.

The list*:
New Jersey
New York Rangers

*When I watched the replay, they didn't show intros by San Jose, Chicago, or St. Louis so I don't know if any of those three congratulated the Kings.

I think it's interesting that of the teams who did congratulate the Kings you have all four of the teams they played in the '93 playoffs but only two of those they vanquished in this year's. I thought it was very classy of Boston to congratulate the team that de-throned them and of New Jersey to salute the team they knocked them off in the Final. And I gained a little respect – A LITTLE, let's not go crazy here – for the Ducks' brass for tipping the cap to the Kings. The Rangers are really the only team on that list that didn't have some connection to either the Kings or the Cup, so kudos to them for being so respectful.

Did anybody see where the Sharks, Hawks, or Blues GMs said anything with regard to the Kings while at the podium?

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