Monday, June 4, 2012

Post-Game Thoughts

•Williams holding that puck in at the blue line leading to the Kings' first power play goal was insane. How he gloved that and made the play is beyond me.

•Kopitar's goal was a thing of beauty. That passing play belongs in the Louvre.

•Remember when the press annointed Claude Giroux the best hockey player in the world in Round 1? Guess what, Anze Kopitar is standing up on the biggest stage in the hockey world (sadly, he will never get to play in the Olympics, so this is as big as it's gonna get for him) and showing what it really means to be the best hockey player in the world. At both ends of the ice and in all situations he is constantly proving himself to be the best in the world. If scoring was all you had to do to be the best it might be Stamkos or Malkin or Giroux or Ovechkin. But scoring is not the only thing you have to be good at to be the best in the world.

•Kings power play: 2 for 2
•Devils power play: 0 for 6
•Yeah, I guess you could say special teams ended up being important in this game.

•Jon Quick didn't even have to be great in this game, but he was anyway.

•15-2. Nobody has ever gone 16-2 *and* won the Stanley Cup in Game 4 of the Finals. Can the Kings be the first on Wednesday night? In case you're wondering how the Oilers went 16-2 and didn't win the Cup in Game 4, Game 4 was suspended late to be finished after Game 7 should the series have gone that far because the power went out at the Garden in Boston.

•How stupid does Ryan Smyth feel right now? He requested a trade from one of the most dominant teams in NHL history to play for a basement-dweller with no future. Smyth will never get his name on the Cup but might have had the chance this spring. What a schmuck.

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