Monday, July 2, 2012

Ott to the Sabres

Yay, the Kings don't have to face that pest 6 times a year anymore.

Unfortunately, Derk Roy went back the other way. He's pretty good when he's healthy. I'm not sure if he is a step up from Mike Ribeiro or not though.

The Stars have been one of the more active teams in free agency, acquiring Ray Whitney and Aaron Rome and trading for Roy. I don't think they've become a better team though. They gave up Ribeiro at the draft to Washington so Roy really just replaces him. And Rome is a terrible defenseman who I will miss seeing take bad penalties next time the Kings face Vancouver in the playoffs (I don't expect him to get a sniff of the playoffs with Dallas).

This is a team that couldn't get into the playoffs two years ago with Brad Richards in the lineup, and without making any real improvements, but just switching out players, I think they will be dwelling near the Pacific cellar with the Ducks this coming season.

How long before the Stars finally desert Dallas and their new owner moves them closer to his Vancouver home to be the Sonics' co-resident at the soon-to-be constructed Seattle arena anyway?

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