Monday, January 28, 2013

Game 5: Time to Meet the Canucks

So the Kings are playing host to Vancouver tonight. I know that Canucks fans have rightly earned a reputation around the NHL for being arrogant, whiny, and generally loathsome, but the thing that bothers me is that nowadays a lot of Kings fans I know seem to take that as an excuse to act even more infantile towards them. Can't we take the high road and be the better people? The Kings won the Stanley Cup and in the process they annihilated the Canucks. Nevertheless, the Canuck faithful still ridicule the Kings and their fans. Instead of acting like children who feel like we have to out-brat them, why not just smile smugly and point to the banner?

Did you know?

The Kings and Canucks have faced off against each other 5 times in the playoffs in history and that three of those times, the winner of the series went to the Stanley Cup Finals? In 1982, after the Kings knocked off Edmonton in the series that featured the Miracle on Manchester, they lost the Smythe Final to Vancouver in 5 games; the Canucks went on to be swept by New York who won their 3rd straight Stanley Cup. In 1993, the Kings beat Vancouver in 6 games in the Smythe Division Final before losing to Montreal in 5 games in the Stanley Cup Final. And last spring the Kings wiped Vancouver away in 5 games before winning their first ever Stanley Cup. Only in 1991 and 2010 did they meet in the playoffs without one of them advancing to the Finals (Kings won in 6 before losing the Division Finals to Edmonton in '91 and Canucks won in 6 in '10 before losing to the Hawks). In 1994 and 2010 the Canucks went to the Finals without having had to face the Kings (they lost both Finals in 7 games, first to the Rangers and then to the Bruins).

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