Saturday, April 20, 2013

Just Got My "Kings Have Clinched" Email…

But have they? Am I missing something?

Here are the standings as of Sat. Apr. 20:
4) Kings- 55 points in 44 games (23 ROWs)
8) Lumbus- 49 points in 45 games (16 ROWs) cannot catch the Kings due to ROWs and season series
9) Wings- 48 points in 44 games (18 ROWs) can still theoretically get to 56 points
10) Stars- 47 points in 44 games (20 ROWs) could theoretically tie the Kings and beat them on all tie-breakers

So there are still two teams on the outside of the playoff bubble who could pass the Kings in the playoff race. Am I missing something or did the Kings marketing guys jump the gun on this one?

I'm sure the Kings will make the playoffs, I just don't see how they've clinched yet.

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  1. Ok, never mind.

    Dallas and Detroit finish the regular season against each other so they can't both catch the Kings.

    The best Dallas could do by winning out is tie the Kings (who would have to lose out) in the standings and if they do then Detroit falls short (even with a shootout or OT loss for Detroit, which assuming they won out would give them the same number of points as the Kings, would not be enough since they would definitely trail in ROWs).

    If Detroit won out and the Kings lost out, Dallas would be unable to catch the Kings because they would have had to have lost the final game to Detroit.

    Thus, the Kings have clinched.