Monday, April 29, 2013

Playoff Predictions

I did pretty damn well last year in predictions, but then again I always go with the Kings to win the Cup. Here's how I've got this year's playoffs:

West: Round 1
Hawks over Wild in 5
Wings over Ducks in 6
Sharks over Canucks in 7
Kings over Blues in 6

East: Round 1
Pens over Isles in 5
Sens over Habs in 6
Caps over Rags in 5
Leafs over B's in 7

West: Round 2
Hawks over Wings in 6
Kings over Sharks in 6

East: Round 2
Pens over Sens in 5
Caps over Leafs in 4

West Finals
Kings over Hawks in 6

East Finals
Caps over Pens in 7

Stanley Cup Finals
Los Angeles Kings over the Washington Capitals in 6 games to win back to back Stanley Cups

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