Saturday, April 27, 2013

Playoff Time: The Kings and the Blues Rematch

The Kings got themselves the 5th seed with their win over the Fish tonight (Let's not mention that they lost themselves the 4th seed by losing in Minneapolis and Detroit earlier in the week. What's that, I did just mention it? Moving on…) and will start the playoffs in St. Louis next week.

How about some fun Kings-Blues playoff facts?

Fact 1: The Kings and Blues had their first ever playoff meeting in their 2nd season in the league, 1968-69.

Fact 2: The Kings and Blues have played 3 times in the playoffs ('69, '98,' 12) and all three times, the series has ended in a sweep.

Fact 3: Of the 3 times the Kings and Blues have met in the playoffs, twice the winner went to the Finals. The Blues got their assess handed to them by Montreal in 1969. The Kings knocked off Phoenix and New Jersey after beating St Louis, taking the Cup to its current home in L.A.

Fact 3: The Kings and Blues were the last two of the Class of '67 to have not won the Cup. As of June 11, 2012, that club has become so exclusive it's just the Blues.

Fact 4: Every other member of the Class of '67 who won the Cup got back to the Finals the year following their first victory (Philadelphia won in '74 & '75, Pittsburgh won in '91 & '92, Dallas won in '99 and lost in '00). The Kings will try to continue that odd historical quirk beginning against the Blues next week.

Fact 5 (my favorite): Every time the Kings have ever played the Blues in the playoffs and won a single game they have won the Stanley Cup!

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