Wednesday, June 4, 2014

2014 Stanley Cup Final Game 1

My impressions of that game:

Initially the Kings were not ready for the Rangers' speed and it allowed New York to get several outnumbered attacks, but Sutter adjusted during the first intermission, neutralizing their speed by getting pucks deep and pounding New York's defenders.

Even though the Rangers looked like the better team in the first I was never worried. I knew Sutter would make adjustments and having seen this team come back again and again this playoff season I didn't fear that they would let us down tonight.

The third period was pure dominance by the Kings. Certainly, they didn't score, but that period epitomized what everyone expected in matchup between the best in the West and the best in the East, i.e., it was men against boys.

I'm not incredibly impressed by Henrik Lundqvist. He flails around and gets beaten high relatively easily. Is he a good goalie? Sure. Is he the best goalie in the league? No way.

The Kings are so much bigger than New York it's crazy. To a man it seemed like the Kings players were at least a head taller.

Doughty really stepped up. That goal he scored in the second was one of the great goals I've ever seen. Not sure if it tops Kopitar's Game 1 goal from 2012 or not, but it's in the same ballpark.

Justin Williams is so damn clutch. The play he made to set up Doughty on the tying goal and then his calm shot to win it. Sign him forever!

Facts About the Game
After losing 3 straight OT games in the 1993 Stanley Cup Final to Montreal, the Kings have now won 3 in a row, the first two games of the 2012 Final against New Jersey and tonight's game against the Rangers.

The Kings also got back to .500 in Final games at 6-6 all-time (1-4 vs. MON, 4-2 vs. NJ, 1-0 vs NYR).

That was an amazing hockey game. Please share your thoughts below.

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