Saturday, August 16, 2014

Summer of Disappointment

The blog on Puck Daddy is garbage. Who the hell is Richie Conroy?

The loss to the Sharks was in the FIRST round. How could that be the most disappointing moment in franchise history when you have Games 2-4 of the 1993 Final where McSorley's penalty cost them Game 2 which they were leading in the waning moments and comebacks from down 3-0 and 2-0 against Patrick Roy only to lose in overtime at home both nights?

And the most disappointing team is obviously the 1993-94 team that finished behind both expansion teams and the 3rd year Sharks to miss the G-D playoffs one year after going to the Final!!

Most disappointing executive? How about Nick Beverly (Robitaille to Pittsburgh for Tocchet and a draft pick that became Pavel Rosa)? Sam McMaster (Zhitnik, Huddy, and Staubber to Buffalo for 1-7-3 Grant Fuhr)? Dave Taylor? Seriously, it's like this guy started watching the Kings in the last two years or something.

Most disappointing King, Roenick? No! Roenick sucked, but compare him to Fuhr whose shit record cost the Kings a playoff spot in 1995 (they finished 1 point behind Dallas and San Jose for 7th or 8th after he came in and managed the 1-7-3 record you see above, and yes they were all his fault). Or how about trade deadline acquisition Anson Carter who managed a single assist in 15 games with the Kings in 2003-04 after they got him to help fill their injury-riddled lineup, helping with a season-ending 10-game losing streak that dropped them from a playoff spot to one more season of being abject shit?

Transaction? How about the ones that cost the Kings players like Ray Bourque and Billy Smith? Or when they traded Marty McSorley for Shawn McEachern, only to reacquire him a few months later for Tomas Sandstrom? Or when they traded Paul Coffey to Detroit for Marc Potvin, Gary Shuchuk, and Jimmy Carson? Oh, look at that, those last three are all Nick Beverley beauties, imagine that!

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