Saturday, January 3, 2015


Today's 7-6 loss to Nashville was one of the more exciting losses I've ever seen. 3 goals to tie it in the last 2 minutes salvaged a point from an otherwise dreadful performance.

It raised this question from Kings blogger and podcaster The Royal Half:

" jon what’s the kings record in 7-6 games?"

So I looked it up. The answer is that the Kings have played 17 games in their history that have ended 7-6. They've won 6 and lost 11. The first was in 1982 and most of them came in that offense-fueled decade, 9 in fact.

4 of them came during the Gretzky era, only one was a victory.

2 came a week apart in 1988, a loss to the Habs and a win over the Blues, and another 2 came 3 weeks apart in the year 2000, both losses to the Rangers and Thrashers, and they were followed by a 3rd that same season, a win over Ottawa.

7 of them have been overtime games and 1 a shootout. The Kings have won only two of the overtime 7-6 games. They also won the shootout.

The Oilers have been the Kings most frequent 7-6 opponents, with the score ending a touchdown to 2 field goals 3 times between them. The Oilers won two of them. The score's ended that way twice against both Penguins and Thrashers with the teams splitting them 1-1.

Here are all of the Kings' 7-6 games in their history:
March 7, 1982, a loss in Hartford
March 14, 1984, a win at the Forum over Pittsburgh
March 17, 1986, a loss in Toronto
October 19, 1986, a win at the Forum over Edmonton
December 1, 1987, a loss in overtime at the Forum to Winnipeg
March 5, 1988, another loss in overtime at the Great Western Forum to Montreal
March 13, 1988, a win over St. Louis at the Forum
February 10, 1989, an overtime win over Washington at the Forum (the Kings were 4-4 all-time in these games at this point, the last time they would be .500 in 7-6 games)
November 30, 1989, a loss at the Forum to Edmonton
January 25, 1990, the second 7-6 loss at the Forum to Edmonton that season
February 10, 1990, a loss at the Forum to Pittsburgh (Gretzky and Lemieux had only 1 assist each. Seriously)
October 6, 1996, an overime loss at the Forum to San Jose
November 28, 2000, a loss in Madison Square Garden to the Rangers
December 19, 2000, an overtime loss at Staples Center to the Thrashers (two 7-6 games in 3 weeks and the King made the playoffs that season!)
January 16, 2001, an overtime win in Ottawa (the only time the Kings have ever won a 7-6 game on the road)
February 16, 2009, a shootout win over Atlanta at Staples Center
January 3, 2015, an amazingly thrilling overtime loss to Nashville at Staples Center

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