Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Pale Horse

Pavel Datsyuk leading what Emrick called a "shorthanded 3-on-1" that was in actuality a 3-on-4 made one of his amazing little dangley moves around Alec Martinez and he looked ready to score one of his highlight reel goals when out of nowhere Drew Doughty simply leveled him on one of the best hits I have ever seen.

Of course, then a minute later Datsyuk split Voynov and Scuderi and buried one over Quick's glove. Son of a bitch, that guy is talented.

The Kings have been dominating the early-going of this game, so I hope they don't let that one breakdown get them down. Just go back out and keep up what you were doing in the first 5 minutes and they will win this game.

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