Friday, April 12, 2013

Thanks #Lumbus

They beat the Fish a couple days ago and tonight BJs beat the Blues so with one game in hand, St Louis still trails the Kings by 2 points. The Blues would actually have to pass the Kings in points to move ahead of them in the standings because the Kings won the season series with them and right now the Kings lead them by 1 ROW so the best St. Louis can do in that regard is tie the Kings (well, by season's end that could change, but I'm just looking at the now).

The BJs continue to stay in the thick of the playoff race, sitting in 9th and only 1 point behind the Red Wings who are currently losing to Chicago. Although Quisp would disagree, #Lumbus still has as decent a shot as anyone else 8-11 (Detroit: 44, Columbus: 43, Phoenix: 42, Dallas: 41) of getting in as long as they keep winning.

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