Sunday, May 11, 2014


Here's the thing about Game 4. Even though they lost 2-0, it was probably the best game the Kings have played in this series. They completely outclassed the Ducks in every facet of the game. They outshot them, out-chanced them, out-defended them. The only thing Kings didn't do was out-score them, and unfortunately that's what matters at the end of the night.

What I don't understand is why Darryl Sutter insists on continually changing up the Kings lines again and again. Just because Mike Richards scored one effing goal in the dying seconds of a game the Kings lost does not mean he belongs back on the 2nd line with Carter. Kramer is still not playing like a top 6 forward. And even if he was, that Carter-Toffoli-Pearson line has shown such dynamic play this year, that I cannot fathom why Sutter would break them up. Toffoli is completely wasted on the 4th line with Lewis and Big Red (Clifford), because he's a sniper and they aren't going to get him the puck in scoring opportunities, whereas other talented players like Carter and Pearson can. Maybe in a couple years when he is a more mature and complete player he can make his linemates better, but he is not at that stage of his career right now. Kramer is actually able to elevate the 4th line a little bit because even if he doesn't belong in the top 6, he's still better than a 4th liner!

If you're going to mix up the lines, why not try this:


I know that Gabitar has had great chemistry, but maybe splitting them up would spread out the offense instead of having it bunched almost entirely on the top line. Gaborik and Carter have looked good together on the power play, and maybe letting them play together at even strength would be successful too. Brown hasn't been making anything happen on the top line, so try him on the third line again and at least let him take the body.

Or just go back to the lines with which you had success down the stretch and in the first round!! What would be so terrible about that? Just because you lose one game does not mean you have to make significant changes. Trust in what got you here!

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