Monday, May 5, 2014

6 in a Row

Make it 6 in a row as the Kings beat the Ducks again in Game 2. That's now the 3rd straight postseason in which the Los Angeles Kings have won six consecutive games, a feat they had never accomplished prior to their 2012 Stanley Cup run.

2012: Game 5 v. Vancouver, Games 1-4 v. St. Louis, and Games 1-3 v. Phoenix (8 games)
2013: Games 3-6 v. St. Louis, Games 1-2 v. San Jose (6 games)
2014: Games 4-7 v. San Jose, Games 1-2 v. Anaheim (6 games and counting)

The franchise record for consecutive playoff wins before 2012 was 5, done once in 2001, Games 3-6 against Detroit and the series opener against Colorado.

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