Monday, May 5, 2014

5 in a Row

With their Game 1 victory over the Ducks, the Kings have won 5 games in a row going back to their reverse sweep over San Jose. This is the third straight postseason in which they've accomplished that feat:

2012: 8 consecutive wins (Game 5 v. Vancouver, Games 1-4 v. St. Louis, and Games 1-3 v. Phoenix)
2013: 6 consecutive wins (Games 3-6 v. St. Louis, Games 1-2 v. San Jose)
2014: 5 and counting

Just to show how impressive this team has been since the beginning of their Cup run, they had only won 5 in a row in the playoffs once in franchise history before this year: 2001 Games 3-6 v. Detroit and Game 1 v. Colorado. If the win Game 2 it will be #6 in a row for the 3rd straight year, something they'd never accomplished even once before 2012!

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